Additives for Waterborne Industrial Coatings

Additives for Waterborne Industrial Coatings

Additives for waterborne industrial coatings Company Information As the earliest TMDD manufacturer in China, ACME has developed a variety of TMDD-based coatings additives and supplied them under SURFADOL brand to overseas end-users directly or through local distributors since 2004. Our wetting...

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ItemSurfadolSurfynolActive ContentPackaging
Wetting AgentSurfadol 541Surfynol 104100%180KG DRUM
Surfadol 541ASurfynol 104A50%180KG DRUM
Surfadol 541BCSurfynol 104BC50%180KG DRUM
Surfadol 541DPMSurfynol 104DPM50%180KG DRUM
Surfadol 541ESurfynol 104E50%200KG DRUM
Surfadol 541HSurfynol 104H75%180KG DRUM
Surfadol 541PASurfynol 104PA50%170KG DRUM
Surfadol 541PGSurfynol 104PG 5050%180KG DRUM
Surfadol 541SSurfynol 104S42.50%15KGS BAG
Wetting AgentSurfadol 420Surfynol 420100%180KG DRUM
Surfadol 440Surfynol 440100%180KG DRUM
Surfadol 465Surfynol 465100%180KG DRUM
Surfadol 485Surfynol 485100%200KG DRUM
Surfadol 485WSurfynol 485W85%200KG DRUM
DefoamerSurfadol 518Surfynol DF-110L18%180KG DRUM
Surfadol 520Surfynol DF-110C20%180KG DRUM
Surfadol 532Surfynol DF-110D32%180KG DRUM
Surfadol 550B-50%180KG DRUM
Surfadol 550D-50%180KG DRUM
Surfadol 550P-50%180KG DRUM
Surfadol DF-75Surfynol DF-75100%180KG DRUM
DispersionSurfadol PSASurfynol PSA-336-180KG DRUM
Surfadol SE-FSurfynol SE-F-180KG DRUM
Surfadol 331Surfynol CT-111, 
Surfynol CT-121
75%180KG DRUM
Surfadol 333Surfynol CT-131
Zetasperse 3600
90%200KG DRUM
Surfadol 336Surfynol GA78%180KG DRUM
Surfadol 338Surfynol CT-171
Surfynol CT-231
97%180KG DRUM
Surfadol 339-89%180KG DRUM


Surfadol 440 is an ethoxylated low-foam wetting agent,Surfadol 440 surfactant provides low foam dynamic and equilibrium surface tension reduction with improved dispersability and ease of incorporation  in waterborne coatings, inks, and adhesives systems.


Pigment, inks, metalworking fluids, paintes, adhesive and dyes.

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