Surfadol 440 Low Foam Wetting Agent for Water Based Inks

Surfadol 440 Low Foam Wetting Agent for Water Based Inks

Surfadol 440 is a low-foam wetting agent for water-based printing inks. It is free from APEO and silicone.

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Product Details

Waterborne additives for inks industry

Surfadol 440 is an ethoxylated low-foam wetting agent,It is made of Surfadol 541 and ethylene oxide .Provides wetting for coatings and inks

Cost effective alternative to Surfynol 440

Typical Properties


Clear & yellow liquid

Active matter content


Cloud Point (5% solution, water:BC=2:1 )


Solubility in water

slightly soluble

Density at 20°C, g/cm3


Viscosity at 20°C, cps




Surfadol 400 series

Item:420, 440, 465, 485, 485W

Appearance:Light yellow liquid, yellow paste, yellow liquid

APHA Color (Pt -Co):<350

Active ingredient Content:100%

Cloud Point (5%), °C:-, 32, 62,>100,>100

HLB Value4, 8, 13, 17, 17

Solubility:Slightly soluble, solube

Equilibrium Surface Tension (0.1%, 1b/s):34.1, 34.4, 42.5, 54.2, 51.0

Dynamic Surface Tension (0.1%, 6b/s):35.5, 36.0, 46.6, 55.7, 52.9

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