Acetylenic Diol Defoamer Countype To Surfynol 110D

Acetylenic Diol Defoamer Countype To Surfynol 110D

A new kind of nonionic defoamer for water-based coatings and inks

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Product Details

Basic Info

Manufacturer: Chonqging ACME Tech. Co., Ltd.

Brand: Surfadol

Grade: 532

Country of Origin: China

CAS Number: 68227-33-8

Product Description

Surfadol 532 Defoamer


Chemical Composition

Dipropylene glycol solution of 2,5,8,11-Tetramethyl-6-dodecyne-5,8-diol 


Product Features

  • Specially designed for water-based systems

  • Efficient knockdown defoaming, not causing surface defects

  • Eliminate bubbles created and stabilized by other surface active agents

  • Long-lasting foam control, effective against micro foam 

  • Avoid incompatibility issues associated with silicone- or oil-based defoamers 

  • Excellent stability over a wide range of storage conditions

  • APEO-free, non-toxics



  • Waterborne automotive coatings;

  • Waterborne industrial coatings;

  • Water-based printing inks;

  • Fountain solutions;

  • Water-based adhesives;

  • Metalworking fluids.



Surfadol 518

Surfadol 520

Surfadol 532

Countertype to

surfynol 110L

surfynol 110C

surfynol 110D


clear yellow   liquid

clear yellow   liquid

clear yellow   liquid

Active Content





Ethylene glycol

Di polyethylene   glycol

Poly ethylene   glycol

Di propylene   glycol

Flash Point, ºC





Package and Storage

The material can be supplied in 180kg drums, 20kg pails or IBCs.

It should be placed in a cool and dry, well-ventilated place, away from fire and oxidant. Shelf life is 48 months from the date of manufacture.

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