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Advantages of high efficiency dispersant
- Jul 16, 2018 -

The mechanism of dispersants, in short, is the conversion of aggregates of particles into stable primordial particles. There is always mechanical energy in this process

And surfactant participation. The most famous theory is the double layer theory, which relies on the characteristics of electrochemistry to achieve stability.

With the wide use of steel, anti-rust coating has become an important material for anti-corrosion of steel. The performance of antirust coatings depends on the selection

The antirust pigment used also depends on its dispersion in the paint. Pigment dispersion is the most energy - consuming and time - consuming in paint production and affects the most coating

A process of material quality. Ferrotitanium antirust paint USES a new antirust pigment, composite ferrotitanium powder, prepared by nano technology, as the main anti-rust colour

The material is prepared. The composite ferrotitanium powder has the characteristics of rust prevention, weather resistance and lower price than red - red powder. However, due to composite ferrotitanium powder binding

Special structure, hard, difficult to wet in paint. Therefore, it is necessary to consider adding dispersants to the preparation of the paint to moisten the paint

Disperse, ability gives full play to its antirust property.

Here's a look at the benefits of high efficiency dispersants:

1. Good wetting and dispersing effect on organic and inorganic pigments, and good color development of pigments.

2. Colorless, odorless, low price, suitable for engineering latex paint and zero VOC paint with high packing quantity.

3. The emulsion paint prepared by zc-145 has good viscosity stability after long-term storage.

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