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Characteristic performance of special defoaming agent for leather
- Jul 16, 2018 -

Leather defoaming agent is a special defoaming agent without organosilicon, which consists of mineral oil, special polyether ester and dispersant

Dilute acid emulsion, waterborne polyurethane emulsion, leather coating, leather edge oil, phenylpropylene/ethylpropylene/pure propylene/casein/polyvinyl alcohol, etc

Large foam, also suitable for vinyl acetate, pure propylene, carboxybutylbenzene, phenylpropylene, ethylpropylene and other latex coating adhesives defoaming and antifoaming, with antifoaming

Fast, anti-bubble long, good leveling, low dosage of advantages, even if overuse will not affect the coating effect.

The characteristics of special defoaming agent for leather are as follows:

1. Strong anti-foaming and anti-foaming forces, small dosage, do not affect the basic properties of foaming system.

2. Good heat resistance, stable chemistry, no corrosion, non-toxic, no adverse side effects, no combustion, no explosion.

3. Its performance is comparable to that of imported products, and its price is more obvious.

The special defoaming agent for leather is non - toxic and non - hazardous, and its shelf life is two years. This product will not be layered in order to better develop the product quality can be built

It is recommended to stir slightly before use and then use evenly. Use 25KG plastic barrel or 200KG barrel.

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