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Food thickeners are added to food
- Jul 16, 2018 -

Thickening agent is a kind of food additive, which is mainly used to improve and increase the viscosity of food and keep the color, flavor and taste of flowing food and gelatine food

And stability, improve the physical properties of food, and make food lubricated and palatable. Thickening agents can increase the viscosity of food or form gels.

Therefore, it can change the physical characteristics of food, endow food with sticky and suitable taste, and have the function of emulsifying, stabilizing or suspending, China

There are 39 types of thickeners currently approved.

Most of the chemical constituents of food thickeners are natural polysaccharides or their derivatives, which are widely distributed in nature. Now available for use

The sources of thickeners in food industry can be divided into two types: natural thickeners and artificial thickeners. Thickeners are added in large quantities to food engineering

Small, usually only a few thousandths of the total weight of a product, but can improve the stability of the food system effectively and scientifically.

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