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Important points to note when using organosilicon defoamer
- Jul 16, 2018 -

The organosilicon defoaming agent has the function of anti-foaming and anti-foaming for all bubble systems, and belongs to the category of broad-spectrum defoaming agent. It is widely used in circuit boards

Defoaming and defoaming during the production of cleaning, textile printing and dyeing, paper pulp, electroplating, chemical fertilizer, additives and sewage treatment.

When using organosilicon defoamer, the following matters should be noted:

1. The emulsion shall be thoroughly stirred before use or sampling.

Prolonged strong oscillation or strong shear (such as using mechanical pump, homogenizer, etc.) or stirring may damage the stability of the emulsion.

Because the emulsion is stable at the original concentration, the diluted emulsion must be used up in a short time.

4. Although the water-oil emulsion can be diluted at will, the stability of the emulsion will also decrease sharply, such as the occurrence of stratification, so it is being diluted

Add water to silicone foaming agent and stir slowly. Add thickener as much as possible to improve its stability.

Prevent frost! Emulsion of frost and temperature is higher than 40 ° C are very sensitive and easily damaged. Be careful if the lotion is frozen

Frost, but must be tested before further use.

If you want to improve the stability of the emulsion, you can add thickening agent to improve the viscosity of the emulsion.

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