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Properties of water-based dispersants
- Jul 16, 2018 -

Waterborne dispersant is a kind of high molecular superdispersant containing pigment group, which has good wettability, excellent anti-sink, anti-flocculation and anti-flocculation

The ability to float color hair, due to its high polarity, is suitable for waterborne coatings and ink systems for dispersing organic pigments. Dispersants have excellent wetting properties

Properties, compared with small - molecular wetting dispersants, have excellent anti - coarse ability.

Now let's have a detailed understanding of the performance characteristics of water-based dispersants:

1. Replace ammonia water and other alkaline substances as neutralizer, reduce the odor of ammonia and improve the production and construction environment.

2. Water-based dispersants can effectively control PH value, improve the efficiency and viscosity stability of thickening agents, improve the opening effect and reduce the flash rust of foam in tanks.

3. Improve the dispersing effect of the pigment, improve the phenomenon of pigmentation and thickening of pigment particles, and improve the color development and gloss of the paint film.

4. Water-based dispersants are volatile and will not stay in the paint film for a long time. They can be used in high-gloss coatings and have excellent water resistance and scrub resistance.

5. It can be used as a post-additive to effectively reduce the shear viscosity, improve the mobility and smoothness of the coating.

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