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The function of different kinds of antifoaming agents
- Jul 16, 2018 -

Antifoaming agent is a non-ionic surfactant with excellent antifoaming and antifoaming functions. And non - toxic, can effectively eliminate polymer, surface

The froth produced by surfactant has a good antifoaming effect on all kinds of cement slurry and can be used together with all kinds of admixture. Long time defoaming is also called

The quality of antifoaming agent is mainly marked by the length of antifoaming time. Most of the time we use the antifoaming agent to use its antifoaming agent

Performance, not initial defoaming.

Antifoaming agents are oil type, solution type, emulsion type, solid powder type and compound type. These antifoaming agents have the following properties:

1. Strong anti-foaming ability and low dosage;

2. The basic nature of the system will not be affected after joining;

3. Low surface tension;

4. Good balance with the surface;

5. Good dispersion and permeability;

6. Good heat resistance, acid resistance and alkali resistance;

7. Good gas solubility and permeability;

8. Stable chemistry and strong oxidation resistance;

9. Less solubility in the bubbling solution;

10. High physiological safety.

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