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Wetting agent is an indispensable assistant for coating products
- Jul 16, 2018 -

Wetting agent is a surfactant which can make solid materials more easily wet by water by reducing its surface energy. Wetting agent can make solid material more

A substance that is easily wet by water. By reducing its surface tension or interface tension, water can be spread out on the surface of a solid material or penetrate into its surface

Moisten solid materials. Wetting agents belong to surfactants, which are composed of hydrophilic and oil - friendly groups. When in contact with a solid surface, the oil - friendly base adheres

On the solid surface, the hydrophilic base extends outwards into the liquid, so that the liquid forms a continuous phase on the solid surface, which is the basic principle of wetting.

The main function of wetting agent is to reduce the surface tension or interfacial tension of water, so that the solid surface can be wetted by water. Wetting usually means

The liquid of the wetting agent spreads over the solid. The wetting process involves the replacement of air on the surface of the pigment particles and the mechanical separation of particles.

The pigment particles are evenly dispersed in the paint and can no longer be reassembled. The wetting agents used in coatings are divided into substrate wetting agents and wetting dispersants

Two agents, the substrate wetting agent is used to improve the surface tension and permeability of the coating, so that it can better wet the substrate, thereby improving the coating

The adhesion of. The addition of wetting agent can improve the stability of coating product quality. It is an indispensable additive for coating products.

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