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Why are antifoaming agents so strong
- Jul 16, 2018 -

It can be seen from the following aspects:

(1) defoaming agent reduces the local surface tension of foam liquid membrane and defoaming agent. Because the surface tension of the defoaming agent droplet is lower than that of the foam liquid film, it should be eliminated

When the foaming agent is added to the foaming system, the foaming agent droplets contact with the foaming film, which can reduce the surface tension of the foaming film here and around other foams

The surface tension of the liquid film has hardly changed. Thus, the part of the surface tension that is reduced is strongly pulled around, extended, and finally foamed

The purpose of defoaming is to break down.

(2) the defoaming agent damages the elasticity of the liquid film, making the liquid film lose self-repairing effect and defoaming. The elasticity of liquid film is one of the important factors that influence the stability of foam


(3) defoaming agent can reduce the viscosity of liquid film, shorten the life of foam and defoaming. The high surface viscosity of foam film will increase the strength of liquid film and slow down the liquid film

The effluent velocity, reducing the permeability of the liquid film, preventing the gas diffusion in the bubble, etc., prolongs the life of the foam and plays the role of stabilizing the foam.

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