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ACME Has Launched Multi-language Company Websites
- Aug 06, 2018 -

Chongqing ACME Tech., Co., Ltd. (ACME) has launched new company websites in 50 languages to better serve global customers.

English website: www.surfadiols.com

English is the most popular language out of China. Surfadiols is a compound word that results from "surfactant" and "acetylenic diols", explaing that Surfadol products are developed based on acetylenic diols.

Spanish website: www.waterbasedadditives.com

Spanish (or Castellano) is a widely-used language in the world, especially in Latin America, where has growing demand for water based coatings additives, including wetting agents, defoamers and dispersing agents.

Japanese websitewww.chinacoatingadditives.com

Japan has some global leading coatings and printing inks manufacturers. It's a new market for Surfadol coatings additives. 

Websites in other languages are affliated to either the Spanish website or the Japanese website. For instance, Korean website is: http://ko.chinacoatingadditives.com

Besides CONTACT US page, there is a SUPPORT page that briefly introduces our product portfolio and how to request free samples.

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