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Eco-friendly Noionic Dispersing Agents
- Aug 15, 2018 -

"Pigment dispersing agents developed based on acetylenic diols have wider application areas than traditional polyether-based dispersants." said Dr. Zhang, Technical Director at ACME.

ACME has successfully developed new Surfadol 331 and new Surfadol 333, which are APEO-free dispersants. Previously, OP-10, a kind of APEO was used to enhance the performance of Surfadol 331/333. The company only supplies APEO-free type dispersants now.

Dr. Zhang and his team recently developed Surfadol 333W, a solvent-free version of new Surfadol 333, and Surfadol 190A, a universal wetting and dispersing agent for water-based pigments.

Surfadol 190A has been tested in dipsersions of inorganic pigments (rutile tititanium dioxide and pigment black) and organic pigments (Phthalocyanine Blue, red/yellow/violet/green Pigments), and showed good results.

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