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Water-based Adhesive Market To Grow Rapidly During 2019-2023
- Dec 14, 2018 -

Multiple Applications and High-demand

Water-based adhesives are used in tapes & labels, paper & packaging, woodworking, building & construction, and automotive & transportation. Some specific applications including envelope, stamp production, bookbinding, labeling for alcoholic and soft drinks, consumer, and assembly application. 

There is an increased demand for water-based adhesives due to:

  • Flexibility

  • Low cost

  • Quick set

  • Strong bonds 

The Largest Market Share Belongs to Acrylic Polymer Emulsion

Acrylic polymer emulsion is the major resin type, which is estimated to account for the largest market share, in terms of value and volume, in 2018. Acrylic polymer is a water-based emulsion used to manufacture environmentally friendly adhesives that provide an adequate balance between shear, tack, and peel strength of the bond. 

This leads to its use in a wide variety of packaging applications, such as bookbinding, paper bags, cartons, labels, foils, films, paperboard decals, wood assembly, automobile upholstery, and leather binding. These adhesives are widely used to bond backing material in the automotive industry as it helps to reduce vibrations in vehicle body panels. The growth of this resin type is driven by the huge production of automobile in APAC.

The Largest Application Segment: Tapes & Labels


The market in the tapes & labels application is estimated to account for the largest share, in terms of volume, in 2018. Water-based adhesives are extensively used in various applications such as medium & heavy-duty carton sealing, gift wrapping & decoration, general purpose repair, bundling & strapping, and stationery. 

Adhesive tapes & labels are used in the packaging of electronic and electrical devices, hygiene and medical packaging, packaging of drug delivery system, packaging of construction materials during transit, packaging related to automotive and logistics, and packaging of consumer and industrial goods. These factors are driving the packaging adhesive tapes & labels market, which, in turn, are driving the demand for water-based adhesives.

The Market with the Highest CAGR: APAC

APAC is the world’s fastest-growing water-based adhesive market. The market is driven mainly by booming economies such as China, India, and a few smaller ones, such as South Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Indonesia. APAC is a lucrative water-based adhesive market due to industrial development and improving economic conditions. It constitutes, approximately, 61% of the world’s population, resulting in the growth of the manufacturing and processing sectors.

Source: MarketsandMarkets

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